Review: Battle of the Bands

What is it?

Battle of the Bands is a Wii-exclusive Planet Moon-developed THQ rhythm game. The game follows a template laid out by Guitar Hero in a lot of ways, but takes things in a bit of an interesting alternate direction. The game is played entirely as a duel, rather than a competition to just finish the song without screwing up too bad. The goal is to score more points than the opposing band by doing a better job matching the on-screen prompts and foil their gameplay with a variety of distracting attacks. Read more of this awesome post here

Wii Crossbow- ” Can You… Digggg Itttttttt!!”

fw63picturewiicrossbow.jpgThe Wii Zapper’s a blast for everyone! Link returns from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to pick up the Wii Zapper and take aim at a host of targets in this shooting-gallery-style game.
Fast and fun! Anyone can pick up the Wii Zapper and become a master marksman in the quick-play shooting galleries of
Links Crossbow Training. Dozens of fast-paced stages offer a wide variety of game play, from shooting targets to defending a supply wagon from onrushing hordes of enemies. Multiplayer modes let you and your friends share a Wii Zapper to shoot for the high score.

The perfect introduction! Link’s Crossbow Training comes bundled with the Wii Zapper. After a few rounds of Link’s Crossbow Training, players will be more then a ready to pick up any of the future Wii Zapper titles, like Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Ghost Squad, and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

* 100% new high quality generic 5-in-1 Crossbow + Light   Gun for Nintendo Wii Remote Control & Nunchuk.

* Get into Action! Now you can add more realism to the   Wii shooting games with this attachment gun.

* Playing on your Nintendo Wii will never feel the same   again. Just aim at the target on your screen and shoot   with your trigger finger.

* Multi function light gun can be assembled and   disassembled for various Wii shooting games.

* Firm grip support minimize hand fatigue.

* Heavy duty design ensures these attachment handles   can withstand the stress from the realistic sport   simulation handles can withstand the stress from the   realistic sport simulation.

Innovative design ensures easy installation and quick release of the remote control from the attachment handle.

* Detachable Nunchuk design to enhance the gaming   flexibility.

* A perfect stylish way to store your Wii Controller while   you are not playing.

The Wii Crossbow

Wii Zapper Peripheral-Turns Wii-mote and Nunchuck into a Lightgun

zapper_wii.jpgHey, guys just thought I would give you a little feed back on this. “AWESOME!!!” I was really getting into the boxing & actually getting into some pretty good shape. But, then my son came home with this and… Well, what can I say… This Wii Zapper gun just blew me away. Still don’t know what the heck game I was playing with him, doesent matter to me though I just like shooting stuff!! Anyway, the Wii-mote just snaps into it and your ready to go. Well, if I find out anything more on this I’ll be sure to post you guys have a great day 🙂

Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour “Review!!”

513az-fzkkl__aa280_.jpgHey guys, here’s something that my niece was telling me about the other day. “I would never try it” I dont think I can bust the moves I use to be able to bust!! LOL. But if you have a daughter who know Hannah Montana ” Yeah right, what little girl doesn’t!” Anyway, getting to the point… She just loves this! And says It is so fantastic that I should let you guys know ablout it…”If you don’t know about it already….

I guess, from what I understand about it you get to share the stage with Hannah Montana! by using the Wii remote & Nunchuck you and Hannah get to dance together. The “premise” to gain more fans… And once you get off stage, you are able to create your own concert wardrobes by shopping all over the world. She also told me  that you are never alone… Lilly, Oliver, Jackson, and Robbie are always willng to help you when they can.

You can also tour the POP world yourself and live the dream of a rock star!  Being able to sing and perform Hannahs #1 hits! ” With a little practice…”  Earn new fans by interacting with all your dancers and your crowd. Plan out your own tour schedule and go to places like Paris, London, and even Tokyo “do some more shopping!” You are also able to control your own lighting and stage effects for the best concert you can put together…”Something to realy remember!” Not to mention the ability to share photos of fashion designs and share with all your friends your dances that you have recorded.
And also  before I forget… Compared to Dance Revolution… This game is much more easier to learn and seems to even have a bit more to it “Go figure!” At least that’s what she tells me… I guess she would know she plays it non-stop. So really I’m going after what she said “where did I hear that before!” Oh well, I hope you guys have as much fun as she’s been having with this. Also being Disney Rated you can bet it’s safe… Talk to you soon!

Nintendo Wii Fit Package- Japan Manages to Sell a Million of Them in a Month

wii-fit-1.jpgEvery one at this point, should already realize that the Nintendo Wii is an awesome gaming system and even more is being said about thier accessories lately. Japan sold one million Nintendo Wii Fit packages in a month. Now, thats not counting what was sold here in the states.

Also, not to mention the software and hardware bundle had reached an incredible milestone on the 6th of Jan, after it’s introduction  into the market on the first of Dec. Says Nikkei.

After the unveiling of the Wii fit at the E3 last year by Mr. Miyamoto he has represented Nintendo’ push to expand the industry to another level in the conventional video game market.

The Nintendo Wii Fit is incredible and is essentially a balance board peripheral and software that will imitate a fitness workout, there are over 40 types of training activities which will give you a surprise attack in fitness. So, if you have not worked out in awhile… Be fore warned!

Has Anyone Got Wii Elbow Yet?

I have heard that the Nintendo Wii might be causing some injuries.

At least thats what one local doctor had said on, Cincinnati television station WLWT reported

Some complaints of muscle soreness and injuries from playing the game for any extended amount of time are piling up

So fast, there are a few Web sites out there showing some substantial injuries gamers have gotten — a black eye, a bloody hand, a knot on the knee and arms in slings. ” I myself the other day popped myself under the chin” no big deal though…

Those type of injuries you wouldn’t expect from indoor play with a video game, ” Well I don’t know about that… On some of the games the way you start wailing around I wasn’t the least bit surprised, that you would end up nailng yourself once in a while.” Dr. Bret Bruder said. “The popularity of it, the explosion of this has been unexpected and amazing.”

Bruder, an emergency department doctor, said injuries are adding up as more people get the game.

Unlike previous game systems, the Wii often demands considerable physical motion to play effectively.

And the sheer popularity and fun of the game system doesn’t help matters.

“You get caught up and you don’t want to quit and take a break,” Matt Vieth said

“Young children through middle-age people (are) being over exuberant, coming in after hours and hours with their arms, shoulders and joints aching,” Bruder said.

Zach Martin had problems with his arms after boxing a few rounds on the Wii.

“It kind of stresses out sometimes,” he said.

Bruder said a little common sense goes a long way.

“A little bit of stretching if you’re going to be doing some of the more vigorous activities like the golf and tennis,” he said. “Don’t play for hours and hours on end. Try to spread it out. We know it’s fun, it’s addictive, but keep it to a limit.”

Well, I totally agree with the stretching part.. It totally helps alot, and makes a big difference. Along with a lot of water, if your playing alot of the sports game. Better yet “Gatorade!”

Personally, I don’t have to worry about playing hours upon hours. First I just don’t have the time…Second, I know my limits of game time… And I don’t care how into it I get… When I’m done… I’m done!

Well I hope this enlightens you a little!

Just to play it safe try and do a few stretches before playing it does truly help… ” Have a Great Day!!”

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07- “Dang Vibrating Mode!!”

tiger-woods-pga-07-wii.jpgHey, everyone

Hope you all had a great week-end! I woke up to a bunch of dog food all over the floor this morning. And the funny thing is, I paused for a minute last night and thought “maybe I should put the food up before I go to bed” naahh!! it should be OK. I should of followed my first instinct… Now I have 20lbs of dog food to clean up and the dogs cowarding behind the plant stand. It just go’s to show always and I mean always go with your first instinct!! And I usually follow that advice all the time… But as you can see, just one time is all it takes when you go against your inner voice. Oh well, lesson learned…

Saturday I went down to buyback games and picked up the Tiger Woods PGA 07 all my buddies were telling me what a great game it was. I was going to just order it online, but decided to get there because they were going to come over and make a night of it. All and all it was a pretty decent game, way better the the golf game that comes with the wii sports pack. The problems that were driving me crazy was that every once in a while a phantom swing would happen and really screw you up! That was very “frustrating” and another thing was that dang vibration sensor, when your putting… It’s suppose to simulate what you may feel like when taking that putt “nervousness” I don’t know about you but my hands aren’t going to vibrate when I make a putt. Anyway, what happens alot of the time when it vibrates the sensors sometimes go off intiating a putt that you didn’t make “talk about almost breaking another humingbird”.

So if you have this game and have run into this problem, just make sure you go in and disable the vibrating mode. It will save you a lot of headaches.”trust me!!” But other than that, once we got going we ended up having a lot of fun… Oh also before I forget just to add a little more about the “phantom swings” tip: before you press the b button to start your swing have your arm slightly forward – not directly perpendicular to the ground as it would be in a “real” golf shot. then start your backswing and continue as usual. 

I find that this some how cuts down on a lot of the phantom swings that i have encountered because for some reason if you try to start your swing perfectly perpendicular to the ground just slight movements register as your backswing and as soon as you begin what you think is your backswing, the game will register your swing and you will be crying about that and wishing they allowed mulligans in tournament play. I also have been using this method on putting and it seems to work fine for me.

My buddie’s do all there swings “except for Bill & I” and putts just using a side to side motion and it does not seem to run into as many problems, but I like the whole interactive swing part of it, so I try and make it as “real” as I possibly can. maybe I take the wii way too seriously, but it’s just makes it much more funner that way for me. I do hope they come up with a longer control for golf, so you can really choke up a bit more on it. I believe that would feel even better. Well, thats it for now… Didn’t mean to right such a long post, but you know how it goes sometimes… Have a great week!!