Has Anyone Got Wii Elbow Yet?

I have heard that the Nintendo Wii might be causing some injuries.

At least thats what one local doctor had said on, Cincinnati television station WLWT reported

Some complaints of muscle soreness and injuries from playing the game for any extended amount of time are piling up

So fast, there are a few Web sites out there showing some substantial injuries gamers have gotten — a black eye, a bloody hand, a knot on the knee and arms in slings. ” I myself the other day popped myself under the chin” no big deal though…

Those type of injuries you wouldn’t expect from indoor play with a video game, ” Well I don’t know about that… On some of the games the way you start wailing around I wasn’t the least bit surprised, that you would end up nailng yourself once in a while.” Dr. Bret Bruder said. “The popularity of it, the explosion of this has been unexpected and amazing.”

Bruder, an emergency department doctor, said injuries are adding up as more people get the game.

Unlike previous game systems, the Wii often demands considerable physical motion to play effectively.

And the sheer popularity and fun of the game system doesn’t help matters.

“You get caught up and you don’t want to quit and take a break,” Matt Vieth said

“Young children through middle-age people (are) being over exuberant, coming in after hours and hours with their arms, shoulders and joints aching,” Bruder said.

Zach Martin had problems with his arms after boxing a few rounds on the Wii.

“It kind of stresses out sometimes,” he said.

Bruder said a little common sense goes a long way.

“A little bit of stretching if you’re going to be doing some of the more vigorous activities like the golf and tennis,” he said. “Don’t play for hours and hours on end. Try to spread it out. We know it’s fun, it’s addictive, but keep it to a limit.”

Well, I totally agree with the stretching part.. It totally helps alot, and makes a big difference. Along with a lot of water, if your playing alot of the sports game. Better yet “Gatorade!”

Personally, I don’t have to worry about playing hours upon hours. First I just don’t have the time…Second, I know my limits of game time… And I don’t care how into it I get… When I’m done… I’m done!

Well I hope this enlightens you a little!

Just to play it safe try and do a few stretches before playing it does truly help… ” Have a Great Day!!”


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