Merry Christmas Everyone!!

hare-winter-beast-cave.jpgHey everyone!!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas… “Our’s was definately a White Christmas!” It started to snow at around 11:00pm Christmas eve, and man when we woke up Christmas morning to about 8″ of snow “we were shocked.” Well, after the shock of seeing all that snow…We started to focus on tearing through our gifts”nice choice of words” But quite accurate. After awhile, our family started to realize that most of what they asked for they recieved with a few “exceptions.” Hopefully you all did as well… I don’t plan on writing a terribly long post. Just wanted to catch up and see how everyone’s Christmas turned out.” I hope you all had a wonderful time!”

Right now I’m trying to keep my son from making a big mess with the Creepy  Crawlers bug set Santa delivered.”He has already managed to get bug guts all over the carpet.” And my wife well, she is already trying out her new foot spa I got her. And me well I’m trying to download some music to our wii system “that’s what my wife got me for christmas.” Pretty cool, you can download a lot more than just music though…If you want to check it out,here’s where she got it Wii Media Downloads. My oldest son he recieved the snowboard he was asking for…And I have to tell ya “Those boards are not cheap!! by any means!” So I would imagine he’s going to break that in real soon. Well, what I dont want to do is keep rambling on, I’m sure all of you have many thing to get done or do! So my next post will more than likely be after New Years!!

So after we get things cleaned up around here. We are heading over to Grandma’s house who now lives in Bennet Colorado, so we do have quite a little drive ahead of us. And in this snow, could turn out to be a bit longer than usual. I do want to wish everyone…A very happy New Year and hope if you have any resolutions set for this year, that you achieve all of them with flying colors! Again, I’m going to try and get some game time in before we go! I figure I have atleast an hour “Grandma doesen’t have a Wii…” But I know she has a “pool table” so I won’t get to bored. And I know Grandpa is just itching to woop me in a game. Well, stay safe everyone, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And here’s to a great New Year!!


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