I just Dont Get It! “Stealing game systems from Trailer”

“Yeah this doesen’t stink of inside job” the moron even left a hammer behind LOL…”What an idiot!!”

From what I understand, the idiot(burgular) forced his way in using the hammer and made off with a Xbox and a Nintendo Wii System. Anyway the only reason I scream “inside Job” is for the mere fact #1 it was a trailer that was broken into…. Now I have nothing against people who own trailers, but you have to admit “If your game systems cost more than your trailer.” Well I’m sure you get the point.

The fact is, somebody that they knew… or at least someone who knew them…. Nobody in there right mind would of chose a trailer to find high-end games systems if they didn’t already know they were there. I feel for the family who lost these systems for all we know they might have been Christmas presents for her chidren. The maggots always seem to out in droves this time of year. “Get a Job!!!!” Losers!!!

Sorry for my outburst… It just really makes me sick… And I know what goe’s around comes around they’ll get theres. Oh and #2 Ofcourse not one single person heard this idiot hammering a way at the door “In a close knit trailer park””C’mon!! people!!” Anyway, If you can’t rely on neighbors to watch your back…Best be getting your hands on some sort of security system and give your next visitor a rude awakening!

Well hopefully, they will get some fingerprints lifted from the hammer. Might be able to at least narrow down who this moron is. I guess they tried to see if they could get them frome the door, but since it’s a door that is in use quite often they could not lift any prints. I’m sure either way this idiot will pay for his crimes. Well, thats it for now… Let me know what you guys think about this Idiotic crap.

I wish everyone, a very Merry Christmas hope you get everthing your heart desires! “Oh, be a little bit more cautious this year and watch each others backs. There seems to be a lot more cases this year then ever.”