Review: Battle of the Bands

What is it?

Battle of the Bands is a Wii-exclusive Planet Moon-developed THQ rhythm game. The game follows a template laid out by Guitar Hero in a lot of ways, but takes things in a bit of an interesting alternate direction. The game is played entirely as a duel, rather than a competition to just finish the song without screwing up too bad. The goal is to score more points than the opposing band by doing a better job matching the on-screen prompts and foil their gameplay with a variety of distracting attacks. Read more of this awesome post here


The Top Talked about Wii Games Online

Here are some games that I have done some extreme research on, and found that these were the most talked about games out there. I have actually played the Godfather game, and I have to tell you guys… You want to talk about ” Extreme” game play and the graphic’s are probably some of the best the Wii has put out sofar. Although for me it’s more about the game play then anything else. Also I found Call of Duty 3 was totally awesome… I Recommend it…Took a while for me to actually beat it in normal mode…Hard mode is a whole other story… “If you thought you had a hard time in normal mode”… It’s nothing compared to hard mode! Thats the one thats really rough!!

  • Godfather
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • Medal of Honor: Vanguard
  • SSX Blur
  • Call of Duty 3
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       If you had to choose just one, I’d suggest Godfather : Blackhand Edition it’s a great singleplayer game!