Want to Go Ghost Hunting-The Ultimate Book on Kindle

How to Become a Ghost HunterI came across this book a few weeks ago, and although It’s hard to get me off my game system. My wife and I, have been huge fans of the Ghost Hunters shows that seem to be all over the tube nowadays. Well we have always had a passion for the paranormal, but just never really knew exactly what it took to get involved. This book we found on amazon, made only for the kindle, although it downloaded to our Iphones with no apparent problem, was the best book on every step we needed to know before we decided to have our own little ghost adventure, down in our basement first… lol! Anyway, I can’t give Mr. Frank Potterstone enough praise for this little gem! And if you just happen to come across this post, Thank You so much for bringing yet another activity, the wife and I can do together, that actually gets us outside the house! lol 🙂 And as for all you Wii nuts too, Ghost Hunting is so cool! You really should give it a try.


Review: Battle of the Bands

What is it?

Battle of the Bands is a Wii-exclusive Planet Moon-developed THQ rhythm game. The game follows a template laid out by Guitar Hero in a lot of ways, but takes things in a bit of an interesting alternate direction. The game is played entirely as a duel, rather than a competition to just finish the song without screwing up too bad. The goal is to score more points than the opposing band by doing a better job matching the on-screen prompts and foil their gameplay with a variety of distracting attacks. Read more of this awesome post here

AH! Video Game Review: Mario Kart Wii

I have given myself the title Resident AH! Video Game Expert, and thus I feel I need to review a game that I know at least one other AH! contributor owns. It’s Mario Kart Wii for (you guessed it) the Nintendo Wii.
It’s either the sixth or eighth installment of the franchise, depending on if you count Japanese Arcade titles and it’s the first version of the game on the Nintendo Wii. What is interesting about the Mario Kart series is they have never made a Mario Kart more than once on any one system (again, besides Japanese Arcades). That’s interesting because that means there is usually at least three years between any two Mario Kart titles.

Read more of this great post here

Wii Crossbow- ” Can You… Digggg Itttttttt!!”

fw63picturewiicrossbow.jpgThe Wii Zapper’s a blast for everyone! Link returns from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to pick up the Wii Zapper and take aim at a host of targets in this shooting-gallery-style game.
Fast and fun! Anyone can pick up the Wii Zapper and become a master marksman in the quick-play shooting galleries of
Links Crossbow Training. Dozens of fast-paced stages offer a wide variety of game play, from shooting targets to defending a supply wagon from onrushing hordes of enemies. Multiplayer modes let you and your friends share a Wii Zapper to shoot for the high score.

The perfect introduction! Link’s Crossbow Training comes bundled with the Wii Zapper. After a few rounds of Link’s Crossbow Training, players will be more then a ready to pick up any of the future Wii Zapper titles, like Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Ghost Squad, and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

* 100% new high quality generic 5-in-1 Crossbow + Light   Gun for Nintendo Wii Remote Control & Nunchuk.

* Get into Action! Now you can add more realism to the   Wii shooting games with this attachment gun.

* Playing on your Nintendo Wii will never feel the same   again. Just aim at the target on your screen and shoot   with your trigger finger.

* Multi function light gun can be assembled and   disassembled for various Wii shooting games.

* Firm grip support minimize hand fatigue.

* Heavy duty design ensures these attachment handles   can withstand the stress from the realistic sport   simulation handles can withstand the stress from the   realistic sport simulation.

Innovative design ensures easy installation and quick release of the remote control from the attachment handle.

* Detachable Nunchuk design to enhance the gaming   flexibility.

* A perfect stylish way to store your Wii Controller while   you are not playing.

The Wii Crossbow

Wii Zapper Peripheral-Turns Wii-mote and Nunchuck into a Lightgun

zapper_wii.jpgHey, guys just thought I would give you a little feed back on this. “AWESOME!!!” I was really getting into the boxing & actually getting into some pretty good shape. But, then my son came home with this and… Well, what can I say… This Wii Zapper gun just blew me away. Still don’t know what the heck game I was playing with him, doesent matter to me though I just like shooting stuff!! Anyway, the Wii-mote just snaps into it and your ready to go. Well, if I find out anything more on this I’ll be sure to post you guys have a great day 🙂

Hey, Guys all I can say is WoW… Questions in my Email

ecavjrfhbcalmuq5ncazkqpegca212md6car8jsmlcahatdsocatutbz4caksx2x8cak6b3gkca765aw4ca3txpxwca1ztfivcal3uf9zca0ny216ca74yl8ecad03iqhcacaz187ca7p27f5ca6yz7jg.jpgWell, first off I want to apoloize for not posting anything for a little while… My Uncle ” who I was very close to” Passed-Away right before New Years and I had to fly out to New York. ” He was a great guy… And will be missed by many” but mostly me. Anyway, I’m back!  And I have noticed a few questions in my mailbox. So, what I have decided to do is go through them and share them with everybody… So everyone can benefit from the Q & A’s. I think that would be a nice thing to do.

Ok, before I actually do this… I believe, I will put some sort of Disclaimer up… Like use at your own risk!! Just kidding 🙂 But, now seriously you should really evaluate the advice given here… I do know a bit about the subject of the Wii System, Now whether, the qualfies me to give advice… Maybe? in some areas that I believe I know. Other than that, you guys should also seek other advice as well… Don’t just take my word, Any advice I give is stricktly from my own experience. An may or maynot work for you.

OK, I just had to let you guys know that… Now I might decide to keep this as an on-going section to my site. ” I don’t know?”  I guess i’ll see how it plays out! 🙂

Well, right now I have time to post one Question… There will be more tomorrow, after I get some sleep… “Jet-Lag” you know how it is… ” Wow first question!!”

Question:  I have a Wii System Question before I Buy?

Now, I love my x-box system… But I’m getting older now, and really would love playing more games that revolve around Golf, boxing, tennis etc. Another reason would be to play more games with my girlfriend… And it seems there’s more activity games that we can play toghether. Now, a friend of mine who is usually full of B.S tells me that you will need to have a flat screen TV and that the TV be at a high level. Right, now my TV is at about sofa level. My question is can I still  get one and be able to play it properly? Oh, sorry…

One more question… Are there any cables I can use “VGA” that are currently on the market so I can use it with my PC Monitor?

Answer: Now, I’m not 100% certain on the cable issue… But I do believe there may be some third party cables being made now… And as far as needing a Flat Screen… I believe your friend is pulling your leg… What you do need, is a TV that has composite cable inputs ( you know for the triple cables yellow,red,white )

Second, you really don’t have to worry so much about the level your TV sits… Just make sure there are no obstructions surrounding it. As, you may already know the wii detects the controller movements by a sesor bar, which you place underneath or in my case on-top of the TV.

Hope this helps… Have a great Day ” That was pretty fun!!”

Hey Guys Just Sitting Back And Enjoying a Cup of Coffee… “Care to join me!!”

It’s amazing how kooky you get late at night… My wife is yelling right now for me to get to bed! But, hey I’m not done with my coffee yet LOL. Anyway really short post… Just want to catch up with you guys, and let you know it’s been a very busy week for me. And I haven’t been able to post as much as I can, but that should change once I complete the project I’m on right now. I hope all of you are well, And if your reading this right now “Get to Bed!!! What are you guys Crazy!!!” Hee Hee

Anyway, Before I doze off… I would love to invite you to share with me any Ideas or suggestions that you would love to see more of on this site. ” I live off of providing you with the Information you desire” There is no such thing as a dumb question? or suggestion!!  just in some cases may not be appliable… But I will take any of your Ideas and do my very best to accomodate them….” that I promise” So please don’t be shy… Go to my Contact Tab above and give me a hollar!! And really let me know what you would love to see more of. And like I said earliar I will do my best to give you what you need… Well, I better get to bed she’s starting to scream at me some more Hee Hee…