Want to Go Ghost Hunting-The Ultimate Book on Kindle

How to Become a Ghost HunterI came across this book a few weeks ago, and although It’s hard to get me off my game system. My wife and I, have been huge fans of the Ghost Hunters shows that seem to be all over the tube nowadays. Well we have always had a passion for the paranormal, but just never really knew exactly what it took to get involved. This book we found on amazon, made only for the kindle, although it downloaded to our Iphones with no apparent problem, was the best book on every step we needed to know before we decided to have our own little ghost adventure, down in our basement first… lol! Anyway, I can’t give Mr. Frank Potterstone enough praise for this little gem! And if you just happen to come across this post, Thank You so much for bringing yet another activity, the wife and I can do together, that actually gets us outside the house! lol 🙂 And as for all you Wii nuts too, Ghost Hunting is so cool! You really should give it a try.