Guitar Hero 3 Wii

guitarhero1.jpgI myself haven’t really played any of the first games in this series but what I did find was that this game is totally addictive! The guitar is cool and the wii remote snaps in very easily not to mention the tutorial is easy as well.”now of course” Instead of having strings you have a bar that you push matching to the speed that the notes move. I have never strummed a real guitar before, but my wife is a regular joan jett “If you remember who she is”. And really it’s quite funny I’m killing her in this game and she can’t stand it! 

So, what the whole premise of this game is…Your working your way up from a garage band, making good bucks along the way that you can spend in the games store for goodies like new outfits, real songs from around the world, and extra characters.Your current playlist is good with songs everybody knows even if their a poptart. You may even get asked to do an encore! My one gripe is they need to include more chick songs, so my wife can get more into it.

Now I just need to get a second guitar so I can rock head to head, with my wife.


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