Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour “Review!!”

513az-fzkkl__aa280_.jpgHey guys, here’s something that my niece was telling me about the other day. “I would never try it” I dont think I can bust the moves I use to be able to bust!! LOL. But if you have a daughter who know Hannah Montana ” Yeah right, what little girl doesn’t!” Anyway, getting to the point… She just loves this! And says It is so fantastic that I should let you guys know ablout it…”If you don’t know about it already….

I guess, from what I understand about it you get to share the stage with Hannah Montana! by using the Wii remote & Nunchuck you and Hannah get to dance together. The “premise” to gain more fans… And once you get off stage, you are able to create your own concert wardrobes by shopping all over the world. She also told me  that you are never alone… Lilly, Oliver, Jackson, and Robbie are always willng to help you when they can.

You can also tour the POP world yourself and live the dream of a rock star!  Being able to sing and perform Hannahs #1 hits! ” With a little practice…”  Earn new fans by interacting with all your dancers and your crowd. Plan out your own tour schedule and go to places like Paris, London, and even Tokyo “do some more shopping!” You are also able to control your own lighting and stage effects for the best concert you can put together…”Something to realy remember!” Not to mention the ability to share photos of fashion designs and share with all your friends your dances that you have recorded.
And also  before I forget… Compared to Dance Revolution… This game is much more easier to learn and seems to even have a bit more to it “Go figure!” At least that’s what she tells me… I guess she would know she plays it non-stop. So really I’m going after what she said “where did I hear that before!” Oh well, I hope you guys have as much fun as she’s been having with this. Also being Disney Rated you can bet it’s safe… Talk to you soon!


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  1. I can figure out how to connect 2 wii contollers while playing the “dance off” part o the game?

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