Happy New Year!!- Nintendo Plans DS game Downloads through our Wii Systems

203233225469e726841fc31.jpgWell I hope everyone had a happy new year, mine was decent although grandpa did manage to beat me in 12 games of pool. “But I did manage to win one!” Which really shocked me because I hardly ever win a game. I think it was a smell of lasagna that gave me that little extra boost of energy. My wife and grandma have been in the kitchen pretty much all day, preparing the sauce, desserts and some of my wife’s favorite and “mine” thumb print cookies with just a little sprinkle of powdered sugar. Oh yeah can forget about Frankie… grandma and grandpa always spoil him. The only question is? Where are we going to find the room for his payload. My wife and I got another hummingbird for our collection and a real nice rotisserie, “we love our rotisserie chicken!” That was the perfect gift!

I did manage to jump online today, and do a bitter research. And found out, Nintendo plans DS game downloads through our wii systems. I guess you will be able to download games to an online to wii shop channel. And from what I understand you will then be able transfer those files to your DS portable via a wireless capabilities of both systems “pretty cool.”

I guess it really doesn’t come as any surprise, considering the number of DS download stations located at many retailers already allow such functionality and Nintendo previously announced they would come to do wii system someday — the inclusion of full games is quite a bit more surprising.

Still unknown if full games bit refers to digitally distributed versions of existing games, compatibility with downloaded we virtual console titles, or wiiware software specifically designed for portable.

As of right now, the DS system can only hold one demo at a time in its internal memory. Once you have downloaded, users cannot power off the system or run any other software without losing the demo.

It could get better… Nintendo I’m sure will release some type of storage device for the system — like a blank DS card, a blank Game Boy advance cartridge — to increase his capacity at later date. Some Nintendo DS games, such as Jupiter’s already — released Picross and level — 5’s upcoming Professor Layton and the Curious Village, already allow owners to hop online with a portable and download new content.

Personally I can’t see why these blank cards are not already out. Considering, wireless capabilities and the route that they planned on taking. “But who am I to question Nintendo and their main game plan” I am sure they have their reasons.

My family and I want to wish you a very happy new year!! And hope that all of the resolutions that you set for yourselves for this upcoming year are achieved! As for myself, my resolutions are to spend more time with my family, get my old 68 cougar up and running “still have a lot of work to do on that baby” oh, and to do a little bit better on my “honey to do” lists. I have been slacking lately… Wish you guys the best!!


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