A Quick Review: Wario Wares Smooth Moves

wariosmoothgroot.gifWhat is wario wares exactly? Minigames shot at us at laser-speed, using the best of whatever input device the game is put on. It all started with a game Boy Advanced game, then they added a wiimote, and then moved to the DS with Wario Ware Touched. The GameCube Wario Ware was a cool party game, but unfortunately didn’t have any fun controllers to play with. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves is exactly what fans of the franchise have been waiting for: microgames that use the Wiimote. as a mattter of fact, this particular game uses the Wiimote in more novel ways that you can count, but that is actually one of the bigger issues with the title.
 The game has you hold the Wiimote in many different ways to play the game: from the Handlebars to the Janitor, the positions all sound like vaguely boring “well we won’t go there”  positions and are introduced by hilarious voice-over narrations with a graphic explaining how to hold the Wiimote. Horizontal, vertical, with your hand over or below it; there is a learning curve involved with keeping all these positions straight (But you will get it in no time). The downsides are pretty obvious: if you just came into the game, you will have to learn these positions or you will be at a disadvantage, and that takes away from the pick-up-and-play joy of past Wario Ware titles. Also, having to constantly be told how to hold the controller breaks up the action some. The Wiimote is sometimes held on your nose, head, and hip (just make sure your curtains are closed).The game is still fast-paced, but with that extra screen game play is slowed down. It’s a little disappointing, and takes a while to get used to.
With that being said, this game really proves how strong of a controller the Wiimote is. Just like in most games there is a boss battle where you have to try and catch falling blocks and be careful to balance them on your platter, and the fine control you have on both left-to-right movement as well as tilt was very impressive. The games themselves are also just as crazy as we were used to: from putting those nasty dentures into granny’s mouth to playing Starfox to firing bananas straight from your forehead into a giant nose, you really do not know what you will see next. The first game-play is really the best—and where you will laugh the most. Of course, some games will take you one or two tries before you figure out what you have to do, but those are pretty uncommon.

So all and all this is a great game, and really great for parties. Smooth Moves has bright and easy-to-understand graphics while the game play is top notch. Unlockable minigames help to round out the experience. There is a game where you have to put the Wiimote DOWN and then pick it up like a phone when you hear a ringing sound. That’s just awesome. You will have to see what I mean by trying it out yourself.


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