Wii System Review-Say Good-Bye to the Couch Potato

nintendo-wii5.jpgOne things for sure, you will not be known as the couch potato any longer. The wii system went the extra mile to make sure interactive means exactly that. Now when you purchase the wii system it already comes with the wii sports pack “first off”. And the sports package can be played individually or “which is way more fun” with a group of players. Each player controls their own characters by his or hers own movements.

Your worn out fingers and thumbs are truly a thing of the past from now on. The Wii-remote and Nunchuks wirelessly control game play. Each remote senses the person’s movement by using the sensor bar and Bluetooth technology.

Another great benefit to this system is… If you are a parent you will no longer have to worry about your children spending un-healthy amounts of time sitting in front of a video game”theres no sitting here!.” This game system will take afterschool activities to a whole new level “a healthy one at that”. It is completely impossible to just sit down and play these games “if you want to get anywhere with them”; No more broken objects laying around the house from occasional balls being thrown around indoors. I like most of the games, and they do provide a heck of a work-out!. From what I have read studies have actually been shown that just by playing some of these games on a regular basis has helped with overall health and not to mention increases your blood circulation dramatically.

The people down at Nintendo must be very family oriented..All I know is that our family time has increased ten fold since we got the darn thing “it’s been great!” My own wife detested video games for most of her life, until we got this now even I am having trouble getting in on a little game time “since she started messing with it”. And for Gradndparent that can’t quite get around like they use to, now even they can have fun with their grandchildren on a little one on one bowling action. 

The Wii system also has wifi that can be used to leave special messages for family members (instead of sticking it to your refrigerator) as well as being able to send emails to all your friends including cell phones and other Wii systems. You can also surf the web on the internet and find anything you care to search for. If you like you can download games for the Wii system using Wii points as well.

And if you are worried about being able to play the games you loved to play back in the 80’s,early 90’s and so on all you have to do is pick-up the wii’s classic controller and your on your way. Wii has the ability to be used to play more than 150 of the games from older systems including NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64 games, TurboGrafx-16 and Sega Genesis games. More games are being added as time goes on. Some of these  Virtual console games can be purchased for $5 to $10.

Another wii pack do to be out in 2008 is called wii fit.I believe it’s going to hit japan some time sooner than that. This pressure sensitive balance board makes exercising that much more fun. Playing soccer, dancing and playing games with the Wii more interactive than ever before. By standing on the pressure sensitive board while playing and exercising the board you control your character on screen. Whether it is dancing lessons or playing hula-hoop this accessory promises hours of family fun.

The Wii fit transforms the game System into your own personal trainer. Nintendo’s Wii Fit will be used in exercises such as push-ups, yoga, ski jumping and other exercises. Muscle conditioning, Aerobic exercise, yoga poses, balance games, and other power motions were included in the demonstration of Nintendo Fit when it was announced back in July 2007.”You know our School systems are going to take a whole new look at this wii system.”


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