OOOOH Wii in Trouble Now!

11wrhloorkl__aa110_.jpgI knew it was just a matter of time before, my oldest son had some of his friends come over to the house to play a friendly game of wii boxing
And “thats when it happened…” I guess his buddy decided he wasn’t going to use the wrist strap. Well, he got a bit carried away with the wii-remote and it  flew right out of his hand and busted one of our humming bird figurines! valued at “$450.00.” Needless to say my wife was quite upset! Considering the kid did not have the money to replace it. “or even the means to do something about it.” And we weren’t about to fork over another $450.00 to replace it… I was extremely amazed though at how tough these wii-motes really are! I decided because my wife was so upset, that I was going to go ahead a pay for a new one “going against what I said earlier” just because we have had that darn thing for so long, and she really loved it. So to me it was really a “No Brainer!”

Well, to my surprise my son had called Nintendo without me knowing it. And told them the whole story, filed a report with them, and had also sent them pictures of the crime scene LOL. And an amazing thing happened they actually paid the whole $450.00 for the hummingbird statue. Now if thats not a good testament for customer service I don’t know what is. Now, ofcourse I was proud of my son for taking the ball and running with it… But in all reality I could not except there check”trust me I wanted to…”” but just couldn’t” at least not with a good conscience. After all it was our fault, those straps are there for a reason…

But I had thanked my son anyway, and did explain why I felt this way and that his heart was in the right direction and he did good, and I was proud of him. But, just for the mere gesture that Nintendo was willing to pay for something they literally had nothing to do with. Just amazed me to all heaven. That right there gave me a whole different respect for this company.I knew they were a solid company, but had no real idea on how solid they really were until this little incident happened. A win,win,win situation my wife was tickled pink about getting her humminbird back. My son felt awesome for being able to handle a situation like a professional, and I felt great because everything turned out as if it had never even happened. Although next time we are going to glue the controller to his buddies arm.

Have a Great Christmas Everyone!!


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