Wii Play vs Wii Sports

000430-wiiplaybox.jpgOK, so as you can see I’m a gamer. That is OK. If you like games that are extremely fun for short bursts, like the original wii sports, you will love this game. It is great. Most of the games are shallow, and quite suprisingly the tank-like game is one of the best of the lot. But what is not to love about a decent representation of playing pool, target shooting, and ping pong. Lets get real, how deep do these need to be? Listen, my family has gamed more in the last few weeks with the wii than they have in the last 7 months without it. Not including my wife…Who I have never saw even remotely interested in playing video games…Ever!! Now I have a hard time getting her off the sytem!That definately says something. Halo 3 this is not. A fun game that is approachable by all of your non-gamer friends for an hour of absolute joy, this ranks high in that arena. Oh also happens to come with an extra” Wii-Remote”.

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