Santa and Mrs. Clause Visits the Kershaw House

santa1.gifHello, everyone I hope you were able to get most of your holiday shopping done. “I’m about there” still need to pick-up a few more things,but then I should be done. Anyway, someone lastnight left one of the windows open downstairs so we all woke up with a little nip in our bones. My little boy is still upstairs sleeping,so by the time he gets up the house should be warmed up a bit “he could sleep through anything”.

He cracked me up yesterday evening, he is only 6 years old and we decided to have Santa Clause show up at the house and pay him a little visit. Well, like usual he was playing his video games paying no attention to anything or anyone around him. It was about 7:00pm, when santa came a knockin still no response Frankie”as we figured” we let Santa & Mrs.Clause in. I was kinda hiding behind our entertainment center. Santa Clause started ringing his reindeer bells, that had gotten Frankies attention… He turned around,and just stared for a moment I could see him through a little section of the shelf I was behind. “That look was priceless!”

After,the first shock of seeing them the look on his face changed and the next words out of his mouth was “Dad?” thats when I came out from behind the shelf and said No! I’m right here. Well, as you can probably guess thats when he really freaked out “but in a happy way”. Lets just say the video game wasen’t as important now… That’s when Santa,asked would you like to sit on the couch with me and Mrs. Clause and tell us what you would like for Christmas. “He flew off that chair” sat right in between both of them. So I decided, I better get my camera ready didn’t want to miss this.

When I came back he was rambling on about are you sure you are the real Santa, then Santa would “reply” “The one and only.” My son would reply back saying then why are you skinny…”I about died” Then he went on to say how he only fattens up on Christmas Eve that seemed to satisfy my son. And then he turned to mrs. Clause and said “so you stay fat all the time” ” I almost had to leave the room”as a matter of fact I did to compose myself a little.

I made it back to the room as straight faced as I possiby can…Santa & Mrs.Clause were handeling themselves greatly. And in the end I believe my son bought it all “atleast I believe so” So then Santa asked again Frankie what is it you want most for Christmas…

My son rambled on about a few things, like a creepy crawlers bug maker,Sonic Hedgehog game, a Wii system “ofcourse”, Spiderman MovieHarry Potter movie the list went on…I could tell sSanta was getting tired.”Can you blame him.”

About at the end of his list, Mrs Clause chimed in and said you know Frankie before we leave I have a little something for you. My sons eyes lit up…She reached into her apron and handed him a candy cane. And almost immediatly he said “thats it!” I have a whole tree full of candy canes. “Here goes another cardiac arrest” but even they started laughing….So I felt better. They began to tell him that he recieved this visit early because he was an extra special little boy, and how Santa very rarely goe’s out a few days beore Christmas. This made Frankie fell real good,so good he actually hugged both Santa and Mrs. Clause”It made me even choke up a little”.

They also told him now you can tell all your friends that Santa made a special trip to see you. Where he responded, “they are not going to believe me!” Thats where I chimed in and said, I’ve got pictures! There is nothing in this world that can give me the happiness that my sons face gave me last night. Well, we finally said goodnight… My son gave them one last hug. As soon as they left he was back on the video games.”Well it was fun while it lasted!”

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays from the Kershaw Family

Oh and don’t think I forgot about you guys… HO HO HO Below I have a couple of gifts for to help you through the holdays!


Christmas Ideas

Christmas Education Kit

Joy to the World “Guitar Notes”

Christmas Tree Saftey “Most Important!!”


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