Only 6 Days Left until Christmas! How will you get a wii system under that tree?

nintendo-wii-system.jpgWell, you may have to wait until after Christmas. It’s just that these darn wii systems seem to sell out as soon as they come in. When your kids wake-up Christmas morning and discover no wii under the tree. I know they may be heart broken… But just try, and explain to them that Santa could not deliver these with the regular gifts in fear that they would get damaged from all the roof hopping he does. But he will have them specially packed and out to them just a bit after christmas to insure that they receive them perfect condition”because of how special they are”.

Now,for the older kids who’s beliefs may be different towards Old Saint Nick. Nintendo tells us that they are going to fall a little short of this incredible demand for its $250 gaming system. But conservative’s have estimated that Nintendo will get at least a million more Wii systems into the channel in the following months.

Want to secure that you get your? Do it now!! and be the first at the next shipment.

Also I have found out for some reason Sunday turns out to be the best day to place an order.
I guess it’s because most retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart release their weekly ads. And if they advertise Wii system in the paper, or online they will put a hold on some of systems for the day the ad hits.
“Most times, stores will give each person waiting tickets before the doors actually open”.  These should definatly  be the first stores you visit, since you will find out before they open for business whether or not you will get your hands on a Wii system. And then, taking after the iPhone lady, you can always buy out someone’s place in line if you’re too late.

Now,for me I can’t stand waiting in line for really any length of time.I get all my shopping done online,for me it’s less of a hassle not to mention I can usually jump right in front of the line and never have to leave my house. “Why give myself a headache for no reason right!”

The real trick here is to get your hands on the ads before Sunday morning, so you know where to line up. But if you are like me I find it much more easier just to login into my computor and go from there a lot of times you can end up jumping way ahead of the pack. Well I hope you all can get your hands on a wii system before Christmas…But if not don’t dispair, follow some of the advice above and you will have one in no time. Well,good luck on your search. I wish you a very Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays from the Kershaw Family.


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