Whats the Secret… Behind This Attraction for the Wii

I will tell you this, it could be because of the affordable price, and its unique control. Being able to use a control similar to a remote control definitely takes it to a new level.  With the use of motion sensor technology many gamers say this feature allows them to step into the action games more readily with the Nintendo wii instead of controllers that rely on gamers to simply just push buttons or manipulate joysticks.

The we may also be a thing of beauty because it does not promise to be a major entertainment system, at least not in the way many other gaming systems do today.  Instead, the wii markets itself as just a gaming console for those interested in in video games.  There promise seems to ring true to many gamers who are flocking to the Nintendo wii.  And this is all done, despite heavy competition from powerful gaming devices like the Xbox and PlayStation 3, Nintendo wii continues a little game system that could, attracting tons of other people to its very simplicity of its game console.

 Nintendo wii a trend?…  I don’t think so!

Have you ever been to a gaming convention? Even the makers of the Nintendo wii were surprised by its popularity of the wii, as fans waited for hours in line and I’m speaking hours in line at several of the major conventions and trade shows just to try the Nintendo wii.  Many testers of the wii found that the Nintendo wii adds an element of physical fun that is simply missing from all other game systems.


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