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How to Perform a Nintendo Wii System Update

Learn how to keep your Nintendo Wii up to date by updating your firmware whenever one becomes available.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need
Internet connection
1Step One Click to enlargeBefore proceeding, ensure that you have an active internet connection on your Nintendo Wii. If you do not, you will need to link your Wii to any existing wireless connection. There are devices available to help you create an access point, such as the Wii Wi-Fi USB Connector.
See external links for more information.
2Step Two Click to enlargeAt the main menu, click on the “Wii” button, located at the buttom-left corner of your screen. This will take you to the main options of your system, allowing you to manage general settings and data, and perform an update on your console.
3Step Three Click to enlargeOn the next screen, you will see two features: “Data Management” as well as “Wii Settings”. Click on the Wii Settings option. Inside this feature, scroll over to the third list of options. Here, you will see “Wii System Update.” Click this option.
4Step Four Click to enlargeOnce accessed, the console will confirm your choice to perform an update. Accept it. The system will begin searching for available updates. If there is one, it could take several minutes to finish the task, depending on your connection speed.
5Step Five Click to enlargeWhen finished, you will be brought back to the Wii main menu. If you wish, you can go back into the Options menu (Wii Settings page) to confirm which firmware version exists on your console. The version should be located at the top right corner of your screen. 

Wii effort should inspire more ‘wow’

Video gaming systems are a craze we’re going to have to live with. Millions of young people are addicted, and the manufacturers can’t make enough of them.

And like computers, there’s always a next generation of the darn things to generate yet another round of sales and elaborate new ad campaigns to whet a gullible public’s appetite.

That brings us to Nintendo’s Wii system, which, you might have heard, hit the marketplace late last month. One of the system’s distinguishing characteristics is a remote that allows the characters on screen to mimic the actions of the person wielding the controller. Catchy, huh?

Additionally, Nintendo is pos-itioning the Wii — pronounced “we” — as not just a gaming system for already obsessed youngsters, but for the entire family. Hook ’em all, and we’ll really have a sensation on our hands. That must have been Nintendo’s strategy behind the introduction of the Wii.

Which brings us to Leo Burnett, the agency that has been working with Nintendo for a while now. Burnett has unleashed a new ad campaign to make Wii the must-have holiday gift for the whole family. Unlike some previous Nintendo efforts from Burnett, however, this Wii campaign with the overarching theme line “Wii would like to play” is positively sedate.

In each of several television commercials, we witness two exceedingly polite men of Asian extraction motoring around to homes in various parts of the country, ringing door bells, bowing in the traditional manner seen in many Asian countries, holding up the Wii system, and announcing “Wii [or we] would like to play.”

What follows that setup in each of the executions are images of various members of different families playing with the Wii system to the sound of musical underscoring with an Asian inflection. Great pains are taken in each execution to demonstrate how the images on screen replicate those of the family member with the controller — bowling, hitting a tennis ball, etc. That, we conclude, is the key selling point for the new system.

But gaming addicts won’t need any prodding from Burnett’s campaign to race for the nearest outlet to pick up their Wii. And though there is something to be said for restraint in advertising — with so little of it in evidence nowadays — this campaign just might not be quite forceful enough to convince the non-addicted that Wii is for

Nintendo WII System Skins
Skins are a great way to protect your system from dust infultration and show off your personality all at the very same time. These items would make great stocking stuffers for the special person you purchased a Nintendo WII for this holiday season. We’ve done the hard work for you and organized the skins on eBay for you into easy to find categories. Don’t spend hours wading through an eBay search trying to find what you’re looking for, just click on the category of WII System Skin that you’re looking for below. All items are located in the United States and all auctions are updated every 30 minutes. If you don’t see something you like now, wait and maybe you will.
Nintendo Wii Remote Internet Access: Play With Other Gamers From Around The World

If you have a Nintendo Wii, you already know about how the controllers have revolutionized the way people play video games. Did you also know that the Nintendo Wii also sports remote internet access? That’s right, with Nintendo Wii remote internet access, you can wirelessly connect with other gamers who also happen to have the Nintendo Wii. You can play with friends who live in your same town or someone who lives in another state entirely. You can even play with someone in another country, as long as they have the Nintendo Wii with Nintendo Wii remote internet access. Imagine playing with people you otherwise never would have met and you’re doing it in the comfort of your own home.

For Just A Small Monthly Fee

For a small monthly fee, you can connect your Nintendo Wii remote internet access. If the game you choose from Nintendo’s extensive library supports Nintendo Wii remote internet access, you simply plug in, log on and play away. Playing with other like-minded gaming enthusiasts over your Nintendo Wii remote internet access is a great way to hone your skills and it’s also a great way to meet new people.

If you’re unsure if the Nintendo Wii is for you, simply walk into any department, toy or game store and ask if they have a display of the Nintendo Wii available for play. You’ll love how the controller puts you right in the action. You actually swing it to interact with the other characters in the game. This makes Nintendo Wii remote internet access even more fun because, in games such as tennis, you actually wave the controller to swing the racket. Imagine playing a game of tennis from someone halfway across the world. As you swing your controller, which swings your racket, your opponent must also swing his or her to hit the ball back. With Nintendo Wii remote internet access, you bring all the action right into your living room.

Of course, you can play with other people in your own home. The Nintendo Wii has proven to be popular amongst all family members, both young and old, so a Nintendo Wii can actually bring the family together. If you don’t have anyone at home, don’t fret. With Nintendo Wii remote internet access, you will never be without opponents. As long as they have internet access, too, you can log on and play to your heart’s content.
The Nintendo Wii Release: Something New To The Video Game Experience

Nintendo re-entered the video game world with the Nintendo Wii release. With the Nintendo Wii release, Nintendo let the world know that it wasn’t going to back down from the big boys releasing powerful, and very expensive, gaming consoles. With the Nintendo Wii release, Nintendo stayed with its history by providing a more advanced console while keeping the price low enough that almost any home can potentially own one. You may not be getting the best or most powerful with the Nintendo Wii release, but you’re getting a great console at a great price that is sure to bring plenty of video game entertainment to the entire family.

Get The Whole Family Involved

The great thing about the Nintendo Wii release is that it has managed to bring both young and old back to playing video games. The Nintendo Wii release is actually bringing families together into the living room to play video games when it used to just be the young who liked to play. The reason for this is that the Nintendo Wii release offered something different to video game players. The Nintendo Wii sports interactive controllers.

What Are Interactive Controllers?

The Nintendo Wii release introduced new, innovative controllers that you actually move around to work the action. For example, if you are playing golf, you actually swing the controller as you would a golf club to make your shot. If you are playing a game where you have to use a sword, you swing the controller as you would the sword. No matter what character you are playing with or what action you need to take, by moving the controller around to control the action, the Nintendo Wii release actually puts you right in the game. With the extra physical activity, parents no longer need to worry that their kids aren’t getting proper exercise. In fact, studies have shown that people have actually lost weight since the Nintendo Wii release. So, you see, Nintendo has truly revolutionized the way video games are played as well as perceived.

So, get in on the action right now and get a Nintendo Wii for you and your family. The price is reasonable and you’ll love how you are placed right in the middle of the action. It makes for one very enjoyable game playing experience for both young and old alike.
Little Known Secrets about Nintendo Wii Online Functions

Nintendo Wii has become a sought-after game console because of its impressive motion-sensing remote controls that allows users to experience gaming on another level. However, not many people are aware of the innovative Nintendo Wii online functions that serve as a gateway to more features, such as weather information, current news and classic NES games downloads directly from your console.

Nintendo Wii online functions allow users to interact using their console, television and the internet all at the same time. Because of this, gamers can easily customize his or her entertainment and gaming options with just one click via several interactive channels made available by Nintendo. As you explore your Wii, you can find that the menu serves as the main portal for all functions available for the Wii – including the Mii Channel (avatar creator), Wii Shop Channel, Forecast and News Channel, Internet Channel and Virtual Console Channel.

Exploring Nintendo Wii Online Channels

While some people find the Nintendo Wii online functions irrelevant, more and more gamers are becoming fond of the internet features that customize and improve their gaming experiences. For instance, the Wii Shop Channel, which serves as Nintendo Wii’s online store, allow gamers to redeem game points and download classic Nintendo games. Upon the launch of the Wii game console, Nintendo made 12 classic console games available and should continue to release new retro games every Monday. Of course, you will need high-speed internet connection in order to access Nintendo Wii online channels.

If you need to access the web, you can download use the Internet Channel by downloading an Opera browser via the Wii Shop Channel. With the Opera, you can surf directly from your game console, making it your second personal computer. Other Nintendo Wii online features include the News Channel and Forecast Channel that are both available through the WiiConnect24 service. The News Channel, provided by the Associated Press, gives users access to daily news and images on a globe view.

The forecast channel provides weather forecasts and reports including a five-day forecast and 3D mapping capabilities that can be downloaded into your console from the internet. As a bonus, some games can use information from the weather forecasts to simulate the game setting’s weather condition. If you want to purchase Nintendo Wii online games, you can easily do so via the Virtual Console Channel, allowing users to buy games from Sega Mega, Nintendo and NEC systems. With these online features made available by Nintendo, your Wii system can become your personal computer, gaming console, DVD player and mp3 player in one.

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